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Losing It All

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I never thought I would experience true homelessness. I always had a place to go even if it was on a friend or family members couch. I always felt sorry for those that were not so fortunate. I first became truly homeless when my husband and I moved from Missouri to Colorado. We had lost my kids and did not no where to turn or how to get clean from drugs and get them back. The only people we knew was people we used with. We were living in this rundown trailer that was in a trailer park full of pure evil. Full of kids and parents, kids who were living even below poverty and their parents addicted to drugs or drinking. People roamed around the trailer park all night long every night. It honestly was probably the trashiest place in the town we lived in. It wasn't about not wanting to get sober, it wasn't about not wanting to leave, it was about all of the things that belonged to my kids, who my mom came and got. Their belongings was all I had left of them and I couldn't take it. We were only leaving with the clothes on our backs and a couple backpacks and small suitcases. I took very few clothes, I packed things that I just couldn't leave behind. I knew deep down that if I wanted to stay alive and have a chance at getting my boys back I had to go.

We ended up in a Denny's, it was connected to a truck stop a little ways down the road. We couldn't seem to get a ride, until one guy told us they were calling the police on us inside the store for trying to hitch a ride from someone. So he offered to take us as far as he could towards where we were going. We had chosen Colorado to travel to, we had both lived there for short periods of time way before we met, and both of us had always wanted to go back. We figured Colorado would be a beautiful place to detox ourselves and just heal. It took us 11 days to hitchhike from Missouri to Colorado, but it was a memorable experience along the way. When we got to Colorado we stayed a couple weeks with my aunt and then ended up with a tent and some food and up to Estes Park for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, one of my dad's best friends said he knew a place to take us to where we could rent out a one room cabin. Thankfully my husband was receiving disability benefits that paid enough for our monthly rent. Ended up I took a management position at the hotel we were staying not in the hotel part but in a cabin on the property. We had our rent paid once I started working plus I made two hundred dollars a week. I continued to work there until the place pretty much went under, or was close due to some major things that happened between the people that I worked for. Once that was over we were once again in a tent in the national forest, homeless. Once October rolled around we were able to find another hotel to rent monthly that was in our budget. Things really become cheap when its winter time in Colorado. It was at that point things started looking up.

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